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Story Gem is a content writing business run by Suzanne May, a writer, content creator and avid elephant figurine collector based near Dublin, Ireland.

Having studied creative writing as part of her BA Honours degree in English and worked as a Stage Manager in some of Ireland’s leading theatres she has had a uniquely diverse exposure to creativity in action. Suzanne's first love is storytelling and has been since she was old enough to hold a book upright. She is now merging this passion with her first class writing skills to help bring the story of your business - the one that up to now, only you have really understood - to life.

About Suzanne

Suzanne has garnered a reputation for remaining calm under pressure and getting the job done without so much as a ruffle of a feather. 'If' Rudyard Kipling had employed her on a job, he would be impressed at her ability to keep her head.

Much more than a 'good head on her shoulders', Suzanne offers a host of experience in the area of project management to bolster her enthusiastic approach to writing engaging copy.

A naturally gentle spoken person, Suzanne feels most at home with a pen and paper in front of her. The strength of her writing on topics she feels strongly about, such as contributing to the development of a more just and equal society, belie the soft-spoken woman behind the text. Both women's and children's issues are of particular interest to her and work in this area is particularly close to her heart. Other areas she specialises in are social enterprise, women in business, mental health & emotional wellness, animal & environmental concerns, lifestyle, and arts & literature.

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Whether you’re new in business, an established SME who wants to shake up your content strategy, or an agency in need of a fresh voice to join your team, Suzanne will put the full weight of her creative force behind you and your company to create content that makes both you and your customer feel and look good.

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You can contact Story Gem through the Contact Page, on Facebook, or Twitter.

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