Quick Tip: Writing in Sessions

Write in 1 Session, Edit in Another

Reflection is a key ingredient in making all kinds of decisions. Whether you’re deciding to upgrade your home or deciding upon what to write in your next Facebook post, reflection can help you make the best move.

Let it Flow

Creativity doesn’t like to be stifled. For some of us, being creative is hard as it’s not something we do every day. For this reason, when we’re brainstorming and letting our weird, whacky and great ideas out into the world, the last thing we should do is try to put a lock down on them straight away.

Give your creativity the space to blossom by carving out a chunk of time in which you allow your most innovative suggestions come to life. Write it or sketch it in whatever way works best for you, just unleash it onto the page. When you feel that you have captured all the fresh ideas in that session, only then should you try to put some order on them. You may find that you have an idea you want to use right away, along with some others you can store for later.

Writing – Flesh it Out

Think of the main thoughts you want to convey and jot them down in bullet form. Then expand on these by writing full, complete sentences which illustrate the importance, to your audience, of the topic you are discussing. This will ensure that the content you produce is relevant to your readers.

However, when you’ve got something written that you’re happy with, avoid the temptation of hitting ‘publish’ now. Save it – and then move on to the next item on your to-do list.

Editing – Time to Review

Come back to your piece of writing either the next day, or in a few days, if you have the time. Does it still look and sound as good as it did originally? It might, and if it does, that’s great! Now you know you were right with your first instinct. If it doesn’t, now’s your chance to improve upon it.

Even the best writers find elements that they want to tweak on the second time around. And third and fourth!

Though this practice may take a little more preparation time, you will undoubtedly find that with practice, when you write in this way, the work that you produce will be much better than anything you write ‘off the cuff’.

Do you have any writing practices that you swear by? Comment below and let me know!

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