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Web Content that Sells

Has your website been a little neglected of late? Perhaps your content just isn't attracting your audience. We can craft carefully worded content which will attract new and existing users to your site, keeping you top of mind.

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Blog Writing Service

Are you too busy running your business to update your blog? Don't fret, Story Gem can write blog posts for you on any topic of your choice. Your post will be fully researched, relevant and optimised for you.

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Proof Reading & Editing

Not everyone enjoys the intricacies of language as much as Story Gem. Give yourself a break and let Story Gem proofread your content for you. Less Hassle, Great Content!

How Story Gem Can Help You

What Story Gem Does

Content that shines helps you stand out from the crowd.

As your ally in content marketing, Story Gem can provide your company website with:

  • Blog posts
  • Articles
  • Website Copy
  • Sales Email Copy
  • Information Leaflets
  • Proof Reading & Editing

Grow your audience engagement in a meaningful way with our content, helping your customers feel that you really understand and care about them.
Ultimately, we want your customers to come back for more. By establishing your business as one who hands out useful information that enriches  customer experience it showcases your authority as a leader in your field. And this will bring readers back time and again.

Why Story Gem?

Story Gem operates on a simple principle, we tell stories that matter in a way that lets the reader know why your story is important to them. Giving your customers value like this connects you in an intrinsic way. Story Gem's copywriting service opens the lines of communication, maintains them – and builds trust.

Story Gem checks all content to ensure that it meets your SEO requirements. Suzanne understands that writing that converts is clear, precise and uncomplicated.

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